Sunday, November 11, 2007

KidSilk Aura

Rowan has come out with a new yarn this fall called KidSilk Aura.

For fans of kidsilk haze, it is just as yummy, but three times as thick. So projects that you work up will come along in reasonable time.
When ever a new yarn comes out, we hold our breath to see how the pattern book will be. Rowan has been going through some wild streak lately.
Rowan fans remember things like this happening.
So when we opened the new book and saw the beautiful classic sweaters, we were delighted! There are at least 4 projects in there that I want to cast on immediately!
Come on in and see it.


Alexa said...

I still can't believe Rowan discontinued Ribbon Twist. I really may cry.

Marisol said...

Very nice patterns! I will have to check this out and the new yarn too. Soon, very soon:)