Thursday, November 08, 2007

Fun Fur, and a bolero

We do love our little people. On Halloween, we had some special visitors.

First of all, Amy brought in Teddy to show us what is certainly the best thing we have ever seen fun fur EVER do. She dressed the whole troupe in Gryffindor gear. And little Teddy is Hedwig, the white owl. FANTASTIC!

And our own little princess came in for a visit. She has taken to carrying a purse. (albeit one that holds a stuffed puppy dog.) She has on a pink fairy skirt, a hand knit bolero, and a purse on the crook of her arm. Could anything be better? And our friend Maisy dreamed this up on her own. She is not imitating behavior she is seeing in her house. I can assure you that neither her mother nor her father prances around with a hand bag on the crook of their arm.
(Thanks for showing us your FANTASTIC creative costumes!)

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kat said...

oh how cute & look at Maisy in the tutu I made her!