Friday, January 25, 2008

Finished Sock

A finished sock!

Karen has just finished her first sock in our Introduction to Socks class.
This one is self striping sock yarn, so you just knit, and the color changes come right up out of the ball. The next class is on Sundays in February. Come on in to pick out you yarn and sign up.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Scarf

In Last Minute Knitted Gifts, there is a beatiful scarf pictured. There are no fancy stitches, it's just a K1, P1 rib. The real joy in this project comes from the stranding. (Stranding is simply knitting with more than one yarn held together at the same time. )

We are always drawn to do projects in the colors that are shown in the pictures. And why not? The pictures are beautiful. But it is always exciting when someone takes the 'risk' to do something in a different color.
Jennifer fell in love with this scarf, and decided to make her own. And the results are one of the most luxurious things to ever hit the back table. This scarf is just RICH.

Jennifer's is made from a strand of Manos wool, a strand of Kid silk Night (for a tiny bit of sparkle), and one strand of Kid Silk Aura (for a little more mohair) The color is so rich and wonderful. But what the picture doesn't show you is how delciously soft this thing is. It is so warm and yummy, you could just sleep with it on.
So if you are cold in this snap we are having, come on in and we'll work up some strands for your scarf!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Stash Reduction Project Update

Boy have we got yarn. People have dug deep and cleaned out for a good cause. If you want a piece of the action: clean out, bring in your stash, and get a discount on your purchase for that day. The program will go until Friday (January 25th)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

playing with food

Just a little fun for you today.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Sock Yarn and Foreign Policy

Here is some new yarn that Crystal Palace introduced, called Panda Cotton. 55% bamboo, 24% cotton and 21% elastic. It has a tendency to split a little bit when it is being knit up. But once it's off the needle, it really has a beautiful soft finish. And it's a wool free alternative for people.

Soho came to visit us from Japan. What a pleasure to meet her. She found us on-line, and made her way from downtown on public transportation! Bravo! We had a nice time doing private mini sock-skills-lessons. She found lots of lovely yarn that she doesn't see in Japan. Then I asked, almost rhetorically "you must have lots of Noro." And funny enough, she had not heard of Noro before. Go figure.
It was such a pleasure to meet her. What a fun day.

Monday, January 07, 2008

A little post holiday wrap up

We've talked about theft before. Here is a variation of Lucious and Loopy Scarf, a free pattern on the internet. The one pictured here I knit to replace the one that was stolen from the ladder display over the holidays. And, yes, it was tied down! Does that mean that someone came in with fingernail clippers, and did a 'clip and grab'? Or a "slash and run"?
I am trying not to be bitter, knitting such a beautiful thing.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A Day with Kaffe Fasset

Bunnie was here visiting for Christmas. One of her presents was a surprise trip to a one day color lecture with Kaffe Fasset. (!!! )
Here is Kaffe chatting with me about my work, and with Bunnie about color.

Kaffe, for those of you who are not familiar, has a really interesting story. He is a painter and artist who fell in love with the colors of yarn, and learned to knit if only as a vehicle to express himself in yarn. He was shocked and somewhat horrified by people knitting garments in one color. His signature work features yarn changes even several times in one row. He tends to do patterns in color families, and tones rather than with a strict color in a specific place. He has written several books on quilting, knitting, and color. He has a studio in London, but travels more than an airline pilot.

He is a wonderful speaker. He uses the most elegant language to describe color. The workshop was amazing!

I have a real fondness for one of his books in particular. My paternal Grandmother is a knitter, quilter and embroiderer. (Crafty bloodline) On a visit to see my grandmother MANY years ago, she bought me "Glorious Color", and that has been a star in my knitting library ever since.

(So really, who was that a Christmas present for? Hmmmm. )
If you have a chance, Kaffe will be at a book signing on Jan 3rd in Pacific Grove. So if you're not headed straight back to work, and you are looking for an excuse to get on the road, I highly recommend a visit.