Thursday, June 29, 2006

Devon's Bag

Devon - and the bag
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Devon did this fantastic little bag. It's from 25 bags to knit. She lined it when she finished. In the end, her bag is actually a functional purse, and has a little more structure. It is beautiful!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

When Jo visited us, she brought a treasure trove of garments for us to preview. One was the Kimono Sweater from "Eclectic. Here it is, on several of us. This sweater was so beautiful! The button has a frog closure, and a wonderful silk tassle.

More tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Noe Knit Flicks June

Can you believe the next Noe Knit Flicks is already next Thursday, June 29th!? Boy, does time fly. We could certainly use your input on what movie we should watch. Here are a couple of our ideas but we'd love to know what you would like to see so please feel free to add a comment.

Last month we watched the hilarious Best in Show. Should we continue the Chrisopher Guest series with Waiting for Guffman?
Waiting for Guffman
Or how about spending a little time with Colin Firth (sigh) & Hugh Grant in Bridget Jones Diary?
Bridget Jones Diary
Or a classic Howard Hawk comedy from 1938 starring Katharine Hepburn & Cary Grant, Bringing Up Baby?
Bringing Up Baby

Never been to a Noe Knit Flicks? Come on down, bring your knitting, grab a seat (or bring your own) and we'll provide an evening of cinema on our big screen for free!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Jo Sharp At Noe Knit (how happy are WE?)

Circle of Knitters
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Jo Sharp visited us on Sunday Afternoon. Meeting her in person was such a treat. As if just hearing her speak was not enough, she came with a huge case of her work to share! She spoke to us about all aspects of the business. The discussion included how books go to print, and how pictures are taken for the patterns. We learned about what it takes to make a tweed yarn, a heather yarn, and a 'plain' yarn, and about the approval rounds, and the process at the mills. And she talked about pattern writing and double checking (a science, as you all are aware!) And we spoke about color, and the color wheel, and tone, hues, and saturation. It was all facinating. Jo was so plesant and easy going. We have all elevated her to "single name status" and will simply refer to her as "Jo" from now on.
It was an incredible day!

Friday, June 16, 2006

A wall of uncompromising design

A wall of uncompromising design
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While they discussed the finer points of domino, I just marveled at the designs!

Bunnie and Vivan Hoxbro

Bunnie and Vivan Hoxbro
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We went to go see Vivian. The colors are dazzling. The designs are crisp. And the knitting is technically brilliant.

Mom is working on the Domino knitting, and I am doing the Cables sweater.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Yarn Market

Susi and Debbie Bliss
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I just got back from the Retailer's Yarn Market (in Indianapolis.) While officially, it is a trade show... it is glorious! Can you dream up anything better than entire convention center full of yarn??? I went in search of the new offerings by Debbie Bliss, and ended up finding Debbie (herself!)
We chatted for a bit. She was everybit as nice as you would imagine she would be. What a delight!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Debby Ware Kits

We now have a selection of Debbby Ware kits in stock!
Debbie Ware Kits
These kits contain everything you need except the needles. The uncomplicated patterns have been written so even a beginning knitter can succeed. The projects are adorable!
Baby Birthday Blanket Kit

Monday, June 05, 2006


Did you know we now carry roving? This white ball has been washed once and carded. Two of them are one sheep's worth a wool! We also carry smaller pieces of roving in many colors as well as supplies for needles felting. needle felting tools
Needle felting is a fun and easy way create felted objects (such as the cherry here) as well as add embellishments to knit items and clothing.
susi's felted cherry
We can teach you how in our Needle Felting Class.

Check out the pictures in this Flickr pool that show all the great things you can do with needle felting.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

New Jo Sharp Books

New Jo Sharp Books
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New Jo Sharp books have arrived!

Knit Issue 1 has men's, women's and home patterns. Many of the patterns use the new Jo Sharp Alpaca yarn collection. How beautiful is this sweater?


Saturday is full of patterns for women knit mainly with cotton yarns! Just in time to start knitting for summer!

Speaking of Jo Sharp, don't forget she'll be at Noe Knit on Sunday, June 18th. We are so excited to have her here! Give us a call to reserve your space.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

June & July Classes

Fruit Cap
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You've probably seen these incredibly cute Ann Norling Fruit Caps like this strawberry one but have maybe been a little intimidated to make one. Let us help you through it with our Fruit Cap class!

The class calendars for June & July are posted so come over & check them out. There's lots of new offerings such a Knitting Rx and the Continential Question. as well as favorites like My First Sweater. Stop in or call to sign up.

Is there a class you'd like to see? Let us know.