Monday, June 19, 2006

Jo Sharp At Noe Knit (how happy are WE?)

Circle of Knitters
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Jo Sharp visited us on Sunday Afternoon. Meeting her in person was such a treat. As if just hearing her speak was not enough, she came with a huge case of her work to share! She spoke to us about all aspects of the business. The discussion included how books go to print, and how pictures are taken for the patterns. We learned about what it takes to make a tweed yarn, a heather yarn, and a 'plain' yarn, and about the approval rounds, and the process at the mills. And she talked about pattern writing and double checking (a science, as you all are aware!) And we spoke about color, and the color wheel, and tone, hues, and saturation. It was all facinating. Jo was so plesant and easy going. We have all elevated her to "single name status" and will simply refer to her as "Jo" from now on.
It was an incredible day!

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kat said...

we are WAY much fun. Thanks for hosting Susi.