Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Scarf

In Last Minute Knitted Gifts, there is a beatiful scarf pictured. There are no fancy stitches, it's just a K1, P1 rib. The real joy in this project comes from the stranding. (Stranding is simply knitting with more than one yarn held together at the same time. )

We are always drawn to do projects in the colors that are shown in the pictures. And why not? The pictures are beautiful. But it is always exciting when someone takes the 'risk' to do something in a different color.
Jennifer fell in love with this scarf, and decided to make her own. And the results are one of the most luxurious things to ever hit the back table. This scarf is just RICH.

Jennifer's is made from a strand of Manos wool, a strand of Kid silk Night (for a tiny bit of sparkle), and one strand of Kid Silk Aura (for a little more mohair) The color is so rich and wonderful. But what the picture doesn't show you is how delciously soft this thing is. It is so warm and yummy, you could just sleep with it on.
So if you are cold in this snap we are having, come on in and we'll work up some strands for your scarf!

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Marisol said...

Very nice stash busting idea! I am going to have to try that or if not come in for some complimentary threads:)