Tuesday, June 05, 2007

setting in a zipper

Jacqui made this exquisite sweater for her her father. It is a magnificent fisherman knit. She had a zipper set in, and was very dissapointed with the result. She took a huge step and decided to try to set in the zipper herself.
For extra courage, she came in to do it at the store. Zippers are not as scary as they may initially seem. And putting them in by hand is the way to go.
First, you line the two sides up with eachother. Then baste it in. Then sew it down more closely to the edge of the teeth. Then, if you have left a bit of a turn down, you can hem stitch it down, or run the edge on a sewing machine.
Jacqui did most of those steps in one evening. (so, it is nothing in comparison to the time you spent carefully knitting.)

Give it a shot! Pull up that sweater that you have been putting off.
If it's still daunting, come in and take a lesson. We'll take you through step by step.

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Paula460 said...

thanks for the tips!