Friday, June 08, 2007

A big Thank You

This year we ran the 'stash reduction program' in January. (You brought in your unused yarn, and we gave you a discount on new yarn.) It was fabulous. You all cleaned to the rafters! Yay! And we collected all manner of yarn, some beautiful, and some "craft" yarn.
We sorted and stored all the yarn here at the store, and have had the pleasure and the privilege to give it away to charities and worthy causes.

A woman came in one day, and explained that she was teaching kids to knit in an after school program. How WONDERFUL. We offered her a selection of yarn from the Stash Reduction Program. She just lit up. She was so gracious and happy for the gift. Fast forward a few weeks, and the same woman came back in to share a Thank You from her students. She gushed on and on in gratitude for what we had done for these kids.

And in turn, I am passing the giant "Thank You" on to you, our customers, who donated the yarn in the first place. You got yourselves cleaned out - AND - you made some kids and a teacher VERY happy. And, you started a whole new crop of knitters.

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