Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Noe Knit is turning 2!

Noe Knit will be turning 2 in February & we'd love you help with our celebration window.
We need knit cupcakes...lots of them, to represent each of our great customers & friends.

You can find a pattern for a cupcake in the book One Skien or there is a wonderful free pattern we've been given permission to use here. (The cupcakes above were make from the free pattern).

So knit up one or knit up a dozen and bring them to the store by Friday, February 9th. Please attach your name to the bottom of your cupcakes if you would like them back. Also if you know what yarns you use & can let us know that as well it really helps when other knitters ask.


Alexa said...

Whoo, I'm gonna mail you a cupcake!!!

kat said...

Oh you should...I should have told you when you were here for Christmas.

lg said...

If Alexa is going to mail one, as a responsible parent, I will have to bake/knit some too. Will there be an anniversary party to go along with the cupcakes?