Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A day of Education

At the show, there is a whole list of classes offered. Some of which sound so wonderful they take your breath away, and some of which would not even inspire me out of bed in the morning. I signed up for two classes, which were both inspiring.

In the morning I took a class with Sally Melville about designing sweaters that fit properly. Sally is a mathmetician, and works out the fit of a sweater according to ratios, and proportions on someone's body. It was a great class. And it was such a pleasure to meet Sally. She is an amazing teacher. She has such warmth in the classroom.

And in the afternoon, I took a color class with Brandon Mably.

The assignment was to take a postcard of an image in art, and translate the image into knitting. Almost like painting with yarn. The way that the pieces looked in our hands, and the way they looked on a board, or farther away was amazingly different.

Brandon himself was charming. He used different language when he talked about color; a combination was "cheeky", or "juicey". By describing the palate and the composition with rich words, it brought things into a different light. I will strive to use color more bravely, and talk about it with words that are more specific.
Now THAT is a new year's resolution.

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