Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A new Colinette blanket

Before I opened, I had to get a lot of samples knit for the store. I sent my Mom a Colinette "Absolutely Fabulous Throw Kit". She knit it up, and it was a cornerstone in our collection of beautiful things. Mom lives far away, and having her knitting around always makes me happy. One remarkable day, someone took the blanket. (I am still a little bit shocked by this !) Some people chuckled, and let me know that is "retail". Others dropped thier jaw in horror, and exclaimed that "knitters would never steal". No, of course they wouldn't. But then, that is a rediculous statement, isn't it? Do we have some sort of data to support the claim that "knitters are, by nature, "good" people" ?
As if the mere fact that you do a craft means that you subscribe to a higher moral code than the general public. Who is to say? Grad students out there: there must be a thesis in there somewhere?

While I may still be licking my wounds over this devistating loss, we had to move on. This time, instead of enlisting Mom, we took it on as a store project. (Thank you to ALL who picked it up!) This one is in the colorway "Sedona". Colinette dyes thier yarn by hand. And the colors are dramatic. They have put together some really brilliant, innovative combinations. They have recently started a 'colorway of the month' program. These are new combinations that we have never seen before. Some of the combinations they are doing are deeper and richer tones. As the name indicates, this blanket has the desert in mind. High heat. It's sand with accents of rich color. Beautiful.

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