Saturday, November 25, 2006

Knitting in the Dark

All of us have knit under less-than-ideal conditions. Normally, if you are lucky, you have a knitting chair with your stuff gathered round you. You have a hard project in the basket calling you to concentrate, and an easier one, for the better television viewing. Most importantly, you have good light!
Recently I was on my way to have dinner with my brother and his family, and I wanted to knit in the car. (For the record, I was not driving.) They live an hour away, so I feel it is a criminal waste of time if there is no knitting done in a free HOUR. But seeing as how it is pitch black before 5 pm these days, I did not have many options. I was working on a scarf on HUGE yarn and needles. To add to the challenge, I forgot my cable needle. Determined to knit on this car ride I just simply 'made do'. I used my sunglasses as a cable needle. And I knit in the complete darkness! The situation was so funny that I pulled out my camera to record the episode. Of course, the flash went off, so you cannot actually feel the pitch black. But you can see the sunglasses, and that alone is nutty enough!

I hope you had a great holiday, and took advantage of every spare minute you found yourselves with.


kat said...

love the mcciverness of using your sunglasses as a cable needle. is this the scarf that was stolen from the tree?

shopgirl said...

Yep! I hung it up, and tied it with large guage fishing line. It was not there for 24 hours. !!!! Gone.
I would like to think someone homeless 'needed' it, and that it is keeping someone warm.

Alexa said...

Soft Horizons, the knitting store near school, carries light up knitting needles. I want to buy them, but they're plastic and around $15. But how perfect would that be for knitting in the dark? I'll have to take a picture of them next time I go in, you'd be really amused by them. They come in purple, blue, orange, etc, etc.

My ruined sock is almost finished!!!

Holly Burnham said...

You are a truly addicted need to get a good car'll save you lots of tears and sobbing.

shopgirl said...

Some people open the glove box, and knit with that light. In this car, that arrangement would not work. (sadly)