Monday, September 18, 2006

Knitting out of Africa

Here is Susan's beautiful sweater from Knitting Out of Africa. No need to ask "what did you do on your summer vacation?" We can see what Susan did! This is the definitive: 'knit on small needles' work.


Anonymous said...

Are the details (such as yarn, needles, etc) available? Do you have the book too? Terry

kat said...

oh man i just can't even imagine!

shopgirl said...

The book is "Knitting Out of Africa" The sweater is Mali, pictured on page 72. The gauge is 30.5/4inches. Wicked fine!
We do have the book. And we have some yarn choices that might work in this weight. We could do some checking, and do a special order for anyone who would be interested in undertaking such a sweater.