Monday, September 25, 2006

The Hot Afternoon

I love my job. I am surrounded by color. Wonderful people visit all day long. On a good day, we are shown amazing works that people have labored over. I have tried to share that on this site, to give you all a taste of the beautiful projects and thier proud owners.

It was hot today. Hot and dry. It felt like another city. This unusual weather always brings in some unusual visitors with it. Some people who are playing hookie from work. Or people who are doing other things, and are pulled out of their normal patterns because of the sunshine and thoughts of vacations....

One of our favorites came in to visit us today, triumphantly wearing her latest project. It was beautiful. She has a corporate job, so we don't usually see her until the evening. She was chatting with us, and planning her next project. With a twinkle in my eye, I asked her "to what do we owe this mid-day visit?" She looked up and without missing a beat, she said she was startging chemo. The weather, coupled with her always sunny disposition made this answer an impossible one. And yet, there it was. She moved right on, showing me the hats that were in her plans. And I was still reeling backwards from the news. I jogged to catch up with her, and looked at her thoughtful choices.

Hats off to her. Hats off to her bravery, and her ability to talk about it, and move along gracefully. You all know many in your own life for whom this is a reality as well. And hats off to them all.

That is the community of knitting. And the community that we saw today at Noe Knit.

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Anonymous said...

I think you and your store are a very important part of this customer's life and vice versa for her - keep the good work up! Terry :)