Monday, July 10, 2006

A Project "outside of the box"

I read about knitting with shredded t-shirts, and the idea intrigued me. So I gave it a whirl! It was really fun, and interesting, and unusual. I am working on patchwork squares, and I'll be turning them into a great bathmat, or small kitchen carpet. It's washable, and bright, electric colors. But, of course, yours could be more subdued.

We are hosting a class in August called "t-shirt knitting" if you would like to join us. It will be two weeks long, and cover the process of how to best go about cutting the shirts, as well as some basics of designing your own creation.


Peggy said...

They crochet into nice rags, too--as do tights!

Peggy said...

oops, rugs!