Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Knitting With Wire

I saw these wonderful projects that were done with knitted wire. I love the way they shine, and the way the stitches are defined in three dimentions. I thought I would start with a plain bowl, and move to a beaded piece.

I used 24 guage wire (exactly what the pattern called for) and size 9 needles (also, exactly what the pattern called for).

I went to cast on, long tail, as always. Well that is not going to fly on WIRE! (The book did not mention which cast on would be best. I find that SO surprising, considering most authors tell you what cast on they want you to do when it's just yarn.) So I opted for the e-wrap. Each stitch was painful, and slow.
I began with some plastic needles, and swiched to the metal needles. The less flexibility in the needle the better. My fingers were hurting before the cast on was over.

Metal needles, plastic needles, e-wrap, e-shmap... I cannot tell you how AGONIZING this was. I had dreams of mastering the project, and then offering it as a class. !!! That will not be the case. The pictures you see here represent about 1.5 hours of knitting. (Pitiful!) Frankly, I want my time back! My index fingers hurt for 2 days.

But worst of all, I will not have my knitted bowl. I am in mourning for the project. And the class, for that matter.
The meagre beginning lives in the store on the back table, if you want to come in and try a few stitches.


Alexa said...

Leci and I are going to be at the store today and I totally want to try knitting the insane wire! I figure if I can knit a beaded necklace on 0000s, I can do anything.

kat said...

oh i so wanted to try that...now maybe I know why I haven't..

Marisol said...

There are a bunch of tutorials on stitch diva for free on this. You can just download them. They may even offer classes. Perhaps you can have someone audit their course and then teach to us.

I have the simple knits with a twist book and that bowl looks gorgeous. But so do the ballerina slippers--maybe we can make those for a knitalong someday.

ck said...

UGH! Me too! I'll let you know if I ever find some more cooperative wire.