Thursday, January 26, 2006


The trip was STUNNING. We had a ball! We were on the go from dawn till dusk - with checklists a mile long. There were so many people to meet and so many new yarns to see!
It was wonderful to get 'the face with the name'. I met some truly wonderful people. Most of the vendors at the show are artists, or entreprueurs, or both. And they are as cool as you would imagine they would be.
Let's start with Sally Melville.
She was there with her third book: "Book 3: Color"

She is such a good teacher and writer. I was thrilled by the opportunity to meet her and chat with her for a bit. At her suggestion, I drew a map of the bay area on a scrap of paper, and marked where the store was. Who knows, maybe Sally will stop by!!!!


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