Wednesday, January 18, 2006

one day and counting

Friday I am flying out to San Diego for TNNA. Its the retailer's version of "Stitches West". I am so excited to go!
a. It will be my first three days in a row away since last summer. And, while, yes, I LOVE the store, (love it), it will be nice to be away for a little bit.
b. I cannot WAIT to see all the stuff at the show. I am anxious to see some of the groups/yarns that do not have reps yet. Buttons, handles, hand dyed yarns...
c. Mom is coming with me!!! This is a world class Mother-Daughter working/buying trip! Could anything be better?
d. In the eveining hours, when our "dogs are barking" - we will be in the hotel with bubble water, playing high stakes card games. (.05 cents per game! )

Cannot WAIT.
My camera is broken, so I have nothing to post. But if I did, you'd just see a picture of a yarn girl blurry with excitment.

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kat said...

did you bring me back anything fun!?