Monday, July 21, 2008

Beautiful Sweater

Chiaki's been knitting up a storm!

This is the sweater "Essential" from Jo Sharp's book Village.

The shaping in it is fantastic. There are beautiful darts in the side.

There is a lovely stitch pattern detail on the bottom, and on the sleeves.

Just for another view: here is how Jo photographed it for the book.

This Cardigan is fitted to perfection. It has the well done details and well thought out pattern features that raises above other patterns.
In fairness, I will say there is an issue with sleeves. The come out a little too long when the detailing is included. But if you are considering putting this sweater into your que, we will find time for you to sit with Chiaki and work out the correct sleeve length for you.
Happy Knitting!


gisele said...

Hy !
I love this sweater.
I tried to find the pattern in Jo Sharp's book Village 6, but I didn´t find the book or booklet in, it´s currently unavailable. Could you help me ?
Where can I buy it ?
São Paulo - Brazil - South America

shopgirl said...

let us know how to reach you. Or contact the shop, and we will be happy to help

gisele said...

Hy Susi
I would like to buy this pattern or the book (or booklet).
What would you recommend ?
Is there another site or blog to find it ?
Thanks for your kindness.